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Remove Unwanted Relative Videos on YouTube

YouTube related videos example

Have you ever been watching your videos on your website and at the end of the video receive suggested videos for your competitors? Worse yet, if you are car company get crash videos of your vehicle as suggested videos?

If this situation sounds familiar then your first instinct will be immediately to remove the videos.  There are a couple of different ways to handle this.

Use Plug In

If you are developing in WordPress you can you one of the many plug ins such as, Hide YouTube Related Videos – Plug In

Pros: Easy to Use
Cons:  When you tube changes it’s policy, there maybe some down time before the plug in developer complies with the new changes.

Query String

The most effective way to ensure that related videos are turned off is to use the Query String at the end of the YouTube URL – ?rel=0.



Another cool features that you can use in your YouTube Links is AutoPlay.  If you want the video to autoplay or not to auto play the query string is: